All available prints are shown here on this page, and will remain until they are sold out. These are the last prints we will have.

We have been publishing a print each year since 1971, and over the years have sold most of them directly to our customers. We have enjoyed this direct contact with the people who want some of Chet's work, and have developed some interesting relationships. We like to think there are many people who have taken pleasure in owning a little bit of Chet's work and are a little happier for it.

All our lithographs are shipped fiat via UPS.
We do not frame any prints.
We do not take credit cards.
When ordering, send a check to Chet Reneson for the amount listed on each print plus $10 for shipping. You can e-mail your order or call 860-434-2806.

If you need a color folder of the prints, e-mail me and I will send one directly.

Click on any picture to see full detail and prices.

October Afternoon


Shooting Partners

Rising Tide


Northern Birds

Alder Brook

Great Expectations

Back Country

Cold Front